Duterte assures ‘fair’ decision on proposed Boracay closure

MANILA Malacanang on Friday said President Rodrigo Duterte is expected to make a "fair" decision following a recommendation to close Boracay for one year to pave the way for the rehabilitation of one of the world's most famous island destinations.

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said Duterte will accept the recommendation but he will make the decision.

Roque said the President will consider the welfare of the small businesses as well as workers who might be affected if Boracay would be closed temporarily.

I have heard that the President said it is important to think of the well-being of small resort owners in Boracay, he said in a Facebook live interview.

Roque also believes that the President will not decide on the basis of political considerations.

I think, as I know President, he will be fair and above all else I think he will not act on the basis of political considerations. He will act based on his real concern that it is necessary to take care of the beauty of Boracay for the benefit of future generations, Roque said.

The proposed closure of Boracay was recommended by an interagency task force headed by Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Secretary Roy Cimatu.

Roque said the government will hold accountable all local government officials responsible for the degradation of Boracay.

Last week, Duterte said he will declare a statement of calamity in Boracay, warning the courts from issuing a temporary restraining order that might exacerbate the situation.

The President had recently described Boracay as a cesspool due to the island's alarming sewerage system.

Source: Philippine News Agency