Duterte calls out critics for making a fuss over ‘oxygen converter’

MANILA, March 30 (PNA) -- President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday called out his critics for seemingly making a big fuss about the oxygen converter found in his bedroom stressing that it is nothing new since he had already disclosed his health woes when he ran for the Presidency.

In his speech during the oath-taking ceremonies for newly-appointed government officials, the President scored critics for taking potshots over his supposed use of the contraption.

Earlier, photos of the "oxygen converter" beside Duterte's bed on Wednesday has fanned speculations about his health on social media.

Kagaya nung picture sa 'yung birthday ko -- kasi 'yung na-picturan 'yung kuwarto ko may converter sa oxygen, karami na namang ano, he said.

But he said the contraption should not be an issue anymore since everybody knew beforehand about his afflictions.

Di ba sinabi ko sa inyo, I never lied. Tinatanong ako doon sa debates: anong sakit mo? Sabi ko Barrett dito sa inom pati ano, Buerger's because of smoking, the President said.

During the campaign, Duterte admitted that he had Barrett's esophagus and Buerger's disease.

Because of these, the President said he has long been using the 'oxygen converter' whenever he sleeps to promote circulation.

So ang circulation ko hindi maganda, lack of oxygenation. Ako gagamitin ko 'yun kasi ang brain ko daw suffers lack of oxygenation. Matagal ko nang ginamit 'yan. When I said that I -- wala akong tinago eh. May nakita nila 'yung parang oxygen. It's not really an oxygen, it's a converter. Wala naman akong tinago, Duterte said.

He said that the oxygen converter is even used as a beauty product and proceeded to tease the women in the audience to use it.

If you want to remain beautiful, use it, it's good. Totoo. That's sinabi ng mga doctor. Sabi ng mga doctor, use it kasi kung babae ka para gumanda ka lalo, Duterte said. (PNA)

Source: Philippines News Agency