Duterte reaffirms commitment to protect, defend rights of Filipino workers

MANILA-- President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday emphasized his administration's commitment to protect the rights of workers as he paid tribute to Filipino laborers here and abroad.

In his Labor Day message, the President noted the significant role of workers in pushing for their rights to humane conditions at work, basic wages and organized acts including collective bargaining and unionism.

The government recognizes these basic rights of workers in all industries, and we are committed to protect and defend those rights, Duterte stressed.

The President added that government is committed to creating more jobs in the country to accommodate a growing labor force.

The Department of Labor and Employment takes the lead in ensuring that thousands of jobs will be created locally, in coordination with all other agencies, as we tap the skills, experience and expertise of our own people, he said.

Everyone who contributes labor as part of his commitment to nation-building deserve nothing less than a share of the fruits of his hard work, Duterte said.

Since the campaign, Duterte has vowed to protect the rights of laborers and vowed to end the so-called endo or the practice of labor only contracting.

The President's promise to end contractualization is already being fulfilled with DOLE data showing 45,605 contract workers given regular positions from July 2016 to March 2017.

Last March 16, DOLE issued Department Order 17 to further boost government efforts to stamp out illegal labor practices.

DO 17 likewise reaffirmed the Duterte administration's commitment to provide stable and secure jobs for the Filipino people.

The order bans such practices, schemes or employment arrangements designed to circumvent the right of workers to security of tenure.

MalacaAang hailed the issuance of DO 174 as a major step in upholding and protecting the labor rights of our great Filipino workers.

In the meantime, the President is scheduled to meet with labor leaders Monday afternoon in Davao City.

Workers are also expecting a special announcement from President Duterte.

Source: Philippines News Agency