Duterte sends Bong Go to check on Pasig fire victims

MANILA -- Special Assistant to the President (SAP) Christopher Lawrence "Bong" Tesoro Go again donated some of his own clothes and shoes on Sunday to victims of Friday's fire in Pasig.

Speaking before 20 homeless families, Go explained that he was sent by President Rodrigo Duterte to let the victims know that they are in his (president's) thoughts.

"Mayor Duterte sent me to check what the national government could do to help," he said.

Go donated some of his own clothes and shoes again to the fire victims. He also swapped the shoes he was wearing to a man in slippers in the crowd.

"I have a few clothes and shoes stored at home and I brought them here so that they can be used. These are still okay, some are for women -- some were worn only a few times," Go said.

Go also gave away gift certificates to the other victims so they can buy new shoes from the department store.

In an interview with newsmen, Go said that the local government was quick to respond to the fire victims.

"It is usually like that, but the national government --Department of Health, Department of Social Works and Development and National Housing Authority and Office of the President -- are here for whatever we could do to further help," he said.

Go said a representative of the fire victims approached him earlier to air their concerns.

"He told me about their concerns to rebuild that's why the President wanted to check how we can help and their problem with Meralco," he said.

Go said that visitations to fire victims have been the practice of Duterte in Davao and his office is adapting the practice in Manila.

"President Duterte and me, when he was still mayor of Davao, were used to this. Now that we are in Manila, we also go around and visit fire victims," he said.

Go also visited the remains of John Paul Lao, 21, at 41 Banaag Street in Barangay Pineda, Pasig.

According to police reports, Lao's corpse was found inside their burnt house. The fire started at 4:40 p.m. and reached the second alarm.

Go was saddened by the news that Lao's brother is unable to see his remains due to lack of money to pay for plane tickets from Davao to Manila.

"It is sad that his brother in Davao cannot see him at the least so we will give him plane ticket immediately so he can come," he said.

Last week, Go visited 800 homeless fire victims in Manila where he also donated some of his clothes and shoes. (PNA)

Source: Philippine News Agency