Duterte to Filipinos: Emulate Andres Bonifacio’s ‘love for PH’

MANILA � President Rodrigo Duterte on Saturday called on Filipinos to be inspired by revolutionary hero Andres Bonifacio' patriotism and selflessness.

The Chief Executive made the call as he joined the entire nation in celebrating the 156th birth anniversary of Bonifacio who is branded as the Father of the Philippine Revolution.

In his message, Duterte hailed Bonifacio's courage and selflessness to make the Philippines an independent and vibrant nation that advances ever forward to the future.

Today is an auspicious occasion to reflect on Andres Bonifacio's legacy of awakening the Filipino consciousness to fight for our freedom and build an entire nation. The Father of the Philippine Revolution has taught us to embody patriotism and take a stand against our oppressors through the civic duties we fulfill as citizens of this great country, he said.

I urge everyone to emulate his love for country in our endeavors as we bring to life the strong and progressive Philippines that he had envisioned for us all, the President added.

Bonifacio led the clandestine revolutionary movement Katipunan in 1896 to fight Spanish colonial rulers.

He, however, died in 1897 not in battle but upon the order of another Katipunero, Emilio Aguinaldo.

At present, Duterte acknowledged the need to adopt Bonifacio's revolution to free the country from social ills.

Even in death, his (Bonifacio) great sacrifice persists to ignite the spark of meaningful change so that we can bring this nation he had left behind to greater heights, he said.

Up to this day, we are challenged to continue his revolution as we liberate ourselves from corruption, criminality, terrorism, illegal drugs and other social ills that continue to plague our society, Duterte added.

Duterte is scheduled to lead the flag-raising and wreath-laying ceremonies at the Bonifacio National Shrine in Caloocan City on Saturday afternoon.

In a separate statement, Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo expressed hope that Filipinos would emulate Bonifacio and aspire to become modern day heroes.

As we pay tribute to the Father of Philippine Revolution, let us be inspired of his life and his bravery as the remnants of society's ills in his time continue to haunt us, even as they remain an obstacle to unchain us from the bondage of poverty and corruption plus the evolved modern twin evil of illegal drugs and terrorism, he said.

Let us become the new heroes of this generation in the mold of Andres Bonifacio, to pave the way for the succeeding ones to resurrect the culture of love and nationalism that will propel this nation and country to progress and prosperity, under a regime of peace, security and life of comfort for all Filipinos, he added. (PNA)

Source: Philippines News Agency