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Update : Phivolcs does not expect any damage from this earthquake (neither do we)

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Update 12:08 UTC : USGS reports now a Magnitude of 5.6 at a depth of 76 km. This depth explains why so many people have felt this earthquake.

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Update 12:06 UTC : As the epicenter is below the sea we do not expect any damage from this earthquake. Let’s hope that we are right.

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121 km S of Manila, Philippines / pop: 10,444,527 / local time: 19:52:00.5 2014-06-25
59 km W of Calapan, Philippines / pop: 66,008 / local time: 19:52:00.5 2014-06-25
25 km SW of Tingloy, Philippines / pop: 2,646 / local time: 19:52:00.5 2014-06-25
14 km NW of Wawa, Philippines / pop: 4,881 / local time: 19:52:00.5 2014-06-25

Most important Earthquake Data:

Magnitude : 5.4

Local Time (conversion only below land) : 2014-06-25 19:52:00

GMT/UTC Time : 2014-06-25 11:52:00

Depth (Hypocenter) : 71 km

Depth and Magnitude updates in the list below.

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SRC Location UTC Date/time M D INFO
USGS Wawa, Philippines Jun 25 11:52 5.6 76 MAP I Felt It
  • Caloocan – Build had a strong jolt/weak shaking, wife freaked out.. lasted only a few secs
  • Dasmarinas Cavite – just minor shaking lasted for few seconds
  • Sampaloc – June 25, 2014 7:55pm 6-7 secs I thought I was dizzy at that time
  • Calamba – Lasted a few seconds
  • cavite – my chair is moving
  • Sta Rosa Laguna – i thought it was just the door on the other room and then i started seeing everything loose shake..
  • Manila – for about 10-15 seconds
  • Taguig – i felt it but my officemates are too busy to feel the tremor lol
  • cyberagate boni edsa – no damage just a dizzying movement felt on 8th floor
  • paranaque – 30 secs shaking
  • Makati City – none
  • Mandaluyong – I felt what I believe was an mild earthquake at 7:52 pm.
  • pasig city – No damage, pulsating earthquake
  • Paranaque – There was a strong wave at first, and then light ones after. It lasted for a few seconds.
  • Lipa City – Our sofa shook while we were watching T.V
  • Puerto Galera – I’m not noticing any damage here in Sabang , but i’m not sure , power is on and life is going on
  • Tagaytay – No other reports yet? Just before 8.00 pm here
  • Pampanga City – i was washing some dishes then i felt that i moved backwards and felt dizzy and heard our chandelier shakes.
  • quezon city – Lasted for about 30 seconds. we are at the 9th flr
  • Manila – I was outside then i suddenly felt dizzy.
  • Parañaque – computer tables shaking
  • Taguig – Suddenly felt dizzy around 8:04pm. Lasted for about 1min.
  • Makati – I thought i was dizzy because i was in front of my laptop but all of us felt it in our house!!!
  • makati city – I felt it while sitting
  • Paranaque city – Felt very weak to weak shaking at Philippines time 19:52
  • Biñan city – Felt it through my chair since I was leaning down, I thought one of our cats was playing near my chair.
  • Mendez – lasted for few seconds but it worried me that our glasswares in our cabinet would fall & break..
  • Bacoor – got dizzy
  • Makati – Building moved for about 7 or 8 seconds. Looked outside and it seemed like no one noticed
  • Quezon City – 10 seconds of shaking
  • eton centris q.ave – 06/25/14 7:54pm everyone in the 6th floor felt it, lasted bout 3 secs. it’s kinda dizzy.
  • Bulacan – thought i just felt dizzy, but its real earthquake
  • Imus City, Cavite – I was dizzy and my chair was moving.
  • Quezon City – Felt my chair move and everyone stopped their work to see if it gets any worse. If it does, we will have to get out of the building.
  • Cubao Quezon City – everything is in normal operation.
  • Taguig – Slight shaking while on bed, staying on the fourth floor Experienced for 5-10 seconds only
  • Malolos – Step outside because of shaking.
  • Tanza, Cavite – At first I thought I was dizzy. It shook me on my chair.
  • mckinley taguig city – we thought that someone was jumping on the floor near our desk but no one is and then swaying comes in and we felt dizzy..
  • Fort Bonifacio – it lasted about 20-30 seconds
  • Cainta, Rizal – Thought that my body just jerked but it was an earthquake!
  • Makati – We all felt dizzy!
  • Pasig – light shaking for few seconds.
  • Pampanga – I thought i was just dizzy while lying in bed, other people in the house didn’t notice the shaking.
  • Malate, Manila – sitting on the floor and heard a creak outside, then the room started swaying. Lasted for around 6-7 seconds? nothing damaged, but got kinda freaked out since im alone
  • Cavite – hanging ornaments shaking, dogs howling, bed shaking, chandelier swinging
  • Las Piñas City – No property damage reported. I was just sitting browsing the internet with my desktop when it happened.
  • Las Pinas – Felt 3 to 5 secs shaking while I was lying down, kinda dizzy.
  • Pasig City – I was frightened because we are on the 33rd floor. Thank God just got dizzy.
  • Quezon City – I just thought it was the MRTpassing by, until I realize that it was an earthquake
EMSC Mindoro, Philippines Jun 25 11:52 5.4 80 MAP I Felt It
  • Forth Bonifacio – At exactly 7:55 PM the earthquake striked and it lasted for roughly 2-3 minutes
  • Manila – 10 secs of shaking
  • Makati – i Felt It Makati Area
  • Makati City – The office building I was in at that time was shaking pronouncedly.
  • Batangas – it’s not good
  • Makati City – I was sitting on our dinning chair while reading my emails when I suddenly felt tremors. I thought something passed through the legs of the chair causing tha chair to shake. I looked for my dog, thinking that she could have bumped the legs of the chair. She was was walking towards me from under the table. A tremor happened the second time. I thought it maybe caused by big trucks passing by since I live in a building near the highway. But it was so strong for vehicles to have caused it. I stood
  • Paranaque city – I felt from very weak to weak shaking at 19:52 25th June 2014 here in Parañaque city.
  • Marinduque – I felt it!
  • Quezon City – We are at the 15th floor, and I thought the shake was caused by my colleague bumped the table but nope, until I felt dizzy and really the office table are immovable but shaking!
  • San pascual, batangas – The earthquake was too shaky. I was very shocked because it is really quivering….
  • San Pedro Laguna – I was inside the lecture hall discussing. Good thing i was sitting down but still i felt it. Chairs shook for a matter of 3secs… felt dizzy for 2minutes..
  • San Fernando Pampanga – It was a strong start but the shaking lasted for about 30 seconds
  • Cavite – no property damage and it only took few second
  • sta.meza quezon city – Nakakahilo!
  • Cavite – furnitures e.g tables, tv set shaking for a good 10-15 seconds.
  • Tagaytay – We felt the earthquake as a sudden but brief (about 3-5 seconds) jolt. We were upstairs on the upper floor of our two-story house in Tagaytay (Cavite) when the earthquake struck. By the time we got out of the main door of our house it was over. The quake was first felt by our dogs as they started barking.
  • San Fernando, Pampanga – It was a strong start but became moderate but still shaking for about 30 seconds to a minute
  • Muntinlupa – Almost all of us felt the shaking here on the 4th floor of our office.
  • Taguig City – No damage reported
  • Calapan City – i was stunned, it came quite strong and seems to take a long time!!!
  • Manila – We’re on the 12th floor and it felt like someone shook your bed.
  • Tagaytay – I felt our dining table shaking while we were eating dinner. Our cupboard and table and floor shook for almost a minute
  • Imus – My ass was shaking during the earthquake.
  • Bataan – I was sitting on a chair when suddenly the chair shook…It was quite strong but lasted only maybe 30-40 seconds.
  • San Pablo City, Laguna – Lasted about 2 seconds. I was sitting on my chair with my laptop and saw my bed sway and felt my chair move slightly. My father in the living room sitting in a chair also and texting on his cell phone, did not feel it at all. We live on a small hill and my room is close to the edge of the hill.
  • Pasay CIty – 11th floor, swaying from side to side, moderate to strong, perfect time for earthquake drill lol, now I know where is that ineffective escape route lol, stairs with no lights on, I have to feel by hand going downstairs grrrrrr
  • Manila.. Adamson University – I was in Adamson University at that time and having my class.. My professor suddenly said: “jesus christ” when we all felt the earthquake. But i just smile during that time because its just a piece of cake! Its incomparable to the earthquakes that we sometimes experience in Tacloban specially last 2012. Hahaha
  • Bataan – I was sitting on a chair when suddenly I felt it shake sideways. It was quite strong but only lasted some 30-40 seconds.
  • Ortigas – No Damage seen
  • Taguig City – I was peeing in a urinal and I see a sin wave. Earthquake is when more than 1000 people experience vertigo at a given time.
  • Manila, – Shit!!!! I was fucking someone here in my room when we suddenly felt the quake… Its really a shit!!! I was in a highest point of my pleasure and about to cum at that time.. But this quake disturbed us.. My partner was so afraid.. So he suddenly stood up and shouted. He wore back his clothes. And went out of my condo immediately. Shit!!!! I didnt cum yet..
  • Boni, Mandaluyong – No damaged property, we just felt that it was shaking and some of us felt dizzy.
  • Quezon City – Felt it.
  • quezon city – felt the shake but tolerable
  • Pasay City – At the office, after a snap the workfloor started rocking, as if I was on a boat. I think it lasted about 15-20 seconds.
  • Antipolo – I didnt feel.. So thanks God..
  • Makati City – 26th floor in makati city. Suddenly felt dizzy for 15 seconds while watching tv on the bed. Couldnt explain it at first. My first earthquake experience. No property damage here.
  • Makati – We were sitting on the sofa on the 20th floor and I thought my boyfriend was rocking the sofa to be funny – turns out he wasn’t! Lasted around 10 seconds.
  • mAnsalay, mindoro oriental – not too long. thought somebody drag something on the floor of our bahay kubo
  • Quezon City – we experienced very weak shaking here on 27th floor an hour ago
  • Quezon City – I was sitting in our dining room and watching t.v when we felt the quake here at 24th floor of the building… it was so fast though.
  • Pasay City – Earthquake is in moderate shaking, slow in movement but I think that is too long already with after slow shaking, may magnitude 4.5 to 6.0. We are in at the 5th Floor of Star Cruises Building at that time. Between 6 to 7 pm. – June 25, 2014
  • Mandaluyong – Swaying from side to side for a good 1 minute.
  • Taguig – Traumatic, because you don’t know when it will last.
  • San Juan – I thought someone just jumpet on our roof but then my brother said “ate lumilindol”
  • Makati City – suddenly felt dizzy and saw the ceiling fan swaying a bit. Nothing was damaged.
  • Cubao. Accenture 4th Floor – Light Shaking. Still Manageable. Pray and be save.
  • Dasmarinas City – At first I wasn’t sure it was an earthquake though, but when I asked others they told me they felt it too.
  • Binan, Laguna – It was short but I felt my desk and chair shaking,
  • Manila – 2 big shakes 3 seconds each. Followed by small shakes lasted for 10 secs.
  • Navotas City – I was on my bed using my laptop computer. I thought I was only feeling dizzy before realizing it was an earthquake.
  • Makati – I was on 16F of our office building, no damaages but we all felt the shaking
  • Makati, Manila – The shaking continued for more than a minute, with very wave like cadence
  • Paranaque – About 5sec shake
  • Makati – short, mild shake on my office chair. thought my officemate was shaking the chair to get attention
  • Muntinlupa – no damage
  • Makati – Mild shaking just before 8pm
  • Binan – No damage caused, just shaking. I was asleep and it woke me up, very disorienting.
  • Silang Cavite – My girl friend felt dizzy while in the kitchen stumbled and called me after. I didnt feel much thought it was the 3D effects from the Movie l was watching
  • Batangas – I was inside the theather. I can fell it. The railing/ steel is was shaking. I can fell the floor shaking…
  • SM, Calamba City – No damage after watching TRANSFORMERS… Went home safe
  • Arayat – chaise de bureau sur roulettes déplacée, pendule en mouvement durant 15 à 20 secondes, vertge, chiens un peu effrayés.
  • Arayat – chaise de bureau sur roulettes déplacée, pendule en mouvement durant 15 à 20 secondes, vertge, chiens un peu effrayés.
  • Arayat – chaise de bureau sur roulettes déplacée, pendule en mouvement durant 15 à 20 secondes, vertge, chiens un peu effrayés.
  • Sta. Rosa City, Laguna – 4-storey building (i was in the 3rd floor) shook for about 3 seconds
  • Pasig City – i can’t imagine it already an earthquake until i focus observing the mirror in the wall swinging.
  • Makati – Still in the office and I thought I was just dizzy so I shake my head and look up and saw the light on my woking table is also shaking
  • Malolos – 6/25/2014 before 8 pm About 20/30 sec. Kitchen utensils swaying. Glasses fell off table. No aftershocks.
  • Makati City – I was in my apartment and felt a gentle swaying of the building for about 10 seconds. No damage.
  • Condo Unit – Sudden shaking
  • Kebumen – Felt earthquake here at 05.45 West Indonesia Time.
  • Binan Laguna – sabi ko na nga ba lindol un eh . kalako nahilo lang ako , mga 3-5sec din yun
  • Brgy Don Jose, Santa Rosa, Laguna – Moderate to light shaking for a few seconds, no damage
  • Makati – Felt swaying, things started to shake on 25th floor of hotel in Makati
  • Manila – I was standing in my room at 10th floor when sudenly the room begun to shake for 7/8 seconds… also my girlfiend in the other room was scared….
  • Siaton – I was asleep after the class. at around 6:00 in the evening i was awake because my bed did shake a little bit.
  • Quezon City – I am not really sure if it was shaking. I was trying to sleep last night and when I felt the cushion of my bed shaking slightly. I jumped out of my bed and tried to feel the shaking, but there was nothing, then i lied again, still i felt some slight shaking. It was 1 or 2 in the midnight. Then this morning i woke up and searched on the net to see if there are records of quakes that happened last night. But saw none. So i am writing this to you, if you could try to look up to it. Thanks.
  • San Pedro Laguba – Fixed room lamps and sofa chairs are shaking
GEOFON Mindoro, Philippines Jun 25 11:52 5.4 71 MAP I Felt It INFO
  • Santa Rosa City – no damage, clock was swinging, dogs were like wtf was that
  • Tagaytay – Quite strong. Possibly above 6 on the scale
  • The Fort Taguig – its a different quake – its like an up and down shake and its kinda strong
  • Manila – I felt it
  • Quezon City – I’m in the office (11th flr) the shake was very obvious and everyone in the office reacted. the shake was felt on the other cities in metro manila as well (based on facebook and twitter posts.) No one was hurt though, not a kind of earthquake that will make you duck under your table.
  • Taguig City – First shook up-and-down, then switched to sideways.
  • Calamba City – Just felt some unusual vibration, only found out that it was in fact an earthquake after seeing facebook posts
  • Muntinlupa – Felt it!
  • Makati – 32 floors building was Swaying



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