Educ dept to discuss with health dept plan to distribute condoms in schools to stem HIV among youths

The Department of Education will conduct "thorough and careful discussions" with the Department of Health regarding the latter's plan to distribute condoms in schools next year, in a bid to control the spread of HIV/AIDS among the youth.

In a statement, the education department said, "Through the series of discourse, the Department will want to identify and study whether this move to arrest the epidemic is appropriate to cover schools and learning institutions."

If not, the department said it will explore other measures "without compromising, first, the parents' right and responsibility to educate their children against the dangers of engaging in pre-marital sex, and second, the State's mandate to protect minors from any form of abuse".

It said it will also have to "look into how and why, despite progressive mindset in other countries, this approach is not implemented by all".

The department stressed it will enrich sex education within the frameworks of human rights, safety and well-being of learners through age-appropriate and developmental reproductive health education as early as Grade 1.

Source: Philippines News Agency