Ex-Speaker Nograles rates Duterte’s first year in office ‘excellent’

MANILA-- Former House Speaker Prospero Nograles rated as "excellent" the first year performance of President Rodrigo Duterte, who was able to keep most of his campaign promises.

"He has been exemplary in the key factors of the presidency. President Duterte has brought to the presidency the needed courage, decisiveness and single-mindedness of purpose," Nograles said in a statement.

Nograles, who has been a fierce political rival of Duterte in Davao City for around 30 years, particularly lauded the administration's sustained efforts to stamp out illegal narcotics in the country.

"After one year as president, Duterte has proven that he could swiftly implement his programs and his objectives like the war against illegal drugs. President Duterte has a successful anti-illegal drugs campaign because he is on top of it," Nograles said.

Nograles described Duterte as a bold and daring leader. He added that the president is not afraid to commit mistakes, noting that he has the ability to "correct mistakes as fast as he could commit them."

"I made the best choice for the presidency in 2016," said Nograles, who gave his support to Duterte's presidential candidacy and was among his staunchest campaigners.

"At 72 years old, however, the President needs to slow down a bit and make his cabinet officials deliver," Nograles said.

The former Speaker said some of Duterte's Cabinet members should perform to make the administration more successful.

"One year into the presidency, Duterte could begin cracking his whip not only on illegal drugs and corruption, but also on inefficiency and incompetence of some of his key Cabinet men," said Nograles.

"After one year in office, some cabinet departments move in turtle-pace with their officials seem to be groping in the dark. In a few other offices like the Dept. of Transportation, the officials appear too incompetent that nothing seem to moving at all," the former Speaker said.

He noted that problems hounding the transport sector have lingered, such as the delay in issuing the driver's license cards and motor vehicle plates, the worsening of the MRT woes, flight delays and cancellations, and the perennial traffic problem in the metropolis.

"All these promises in the transport sector are waiting to be attended to," Nograles said.

Nograles also mentioned the slow internet services in the country. He said the administration promised to fix the problem so that the Philippines will no longer be known as "a country with Jurassic-age telecoms" and "nation with very slow, if not the slowest, internet service in Asia."

Source: Philippines News Agency