(Feature)Yes, they can!

MANILA-- As we observe the International Women's Month this March, the Philippine News Agency listed five women, who, despite having experienced low moments in their lives, managed to rise again and prove that women are not weak.

1. Kooky Tuason

Spoken word artist Kooky Tuason was molested by a neighbor when she was nine. It was the lowest point in her life, and admitted that she cried every night, asking God why it happened to her.

Years have passed and it was a daily battle for her. The incident made her feel she couldn't trust people, and that she had no friends other than her pen and paper.

She decided to forgive, though she admitted she feels the pain every time she remembers that moment.

According to her, the incident led her to know God, and to discover her passion for poetry. Also, she helps children who had the same experience. "If it hasn't happened to me, I wouldn't have thought of helping them," she said.

2. Miriam Quiambao

Unknown to many, former beauty queen Miriam Quiambao thought of committing suicide after her failed marriage to businessman Claudio Rondinelli.

She was so depressed. Quiambao thinks her failed marriage led her closer to God. It was through the Bible that she found hope.

Quiambao became a book author, inspirational speaker, and a co-host in The 700 Club Asia, a talk show featuring spiritual stories from a Christian perspective.

3. Jean Goulbourn

Stylist Jean Goulbourn's daughter, Natasha, committed suicide years ago. Instead of losing heart to continue living, she decided to put up the Natasha Goulbourn Foundation (NGF).

The NGF aims to prevent suicide incidents and help people fight depression.

The foundation has also partnered with the Department of Health in giving light and hope to people dealing with depression.

4. Cynthia Magdaraog

Cynthia's son, Juan, has a Pompe disease, an often fatal disorder that disables the heart and the skeletal muscles.

To be able to survive having that kind of disease requires a lot of money. Cynthia didn't just opt to help her son, but also other people suffering from rare diseases.

She is currently the president of the Philippine Society for Orphan Disorders, a support group helping patients with rare diseases.

5. Kim Domingo

She may be the country's latest "Pantasya ng Bayan", but did you know that Kim Domingo had her fair share of failures and rejections?

Kim tried her luck auditioning in a talent search as well as in a reality show, but she didn't pass. She was always an extra or "part of the crowd" when she was starting her career.

"I came to a point when I was losing hope, and was asking myself, 'Am I ugly?" she told PNA.

"I did my best but I didn't get it. I was so down at that time," Kim said, referring to the moment she auditioned in a talent search.

Those rejections didn't discourage her. Apart from a regular TV show in GMA 7, she has also graced a magazine cover, and was featured in the 2017 calendar of a liquor brand.

Oftentimes, women are perceived to be weak. But these ladies proved that no matter how big the challenges they faced, and even if they experienced those low points in their lives, they were able to conquer. Yes, they can! (PNA)

Source: Philippines News Agency