Girl scouts to pay tribute to Duterte’s mom

TAGAYTAY CITY � The top official of the Girl Scouts of the Philippines (GSP) said Friday the organization will pay tribute to President Rodrigo R. Duterte's mother, Soledad "Nanay Soling" Duterte, for being the only girl scout member to have a child as president.

In a press conference at the Summit Ridge Hotel here, GSP national president Susan Locsin said Nanay Soling became regional chairman of the GSP in Davao.

"We want to pay tribute to his (Duterte's) mother because amongst us Girl Scouts of the Philippines, she is the only a member who was able to produce a child who is a president," Locsin said.

She said the GSP is still trying to arrange a meeting with the President for the tribute, as well as to air some of their concerns, particularly the issue of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines recruiting girls.

"We are waiting for the time. They're just giving us the right time to sit down with him and talk about some of our concerns," Locsin said.

"We are not with the Boy Scouts. We are a very separate entity with the Boy Scouts. We will fight to remain as a single sex organization," she added.

The GSP kicked off its 24th National Council Convention, which carries the theme, "The ART of Governance: Accountability, Responsibility, Transparency", in Tagaytay City on Friday until May 28.

Some 300 delegates composed of the incumbent Central Board Members-at-Large, Life Members, newly-elected or re-elected Regional Chairpersons and Girl Representatives to the Central Board, newly-elected or re-elected Council Presidents, Council Executives, and professional staff attended the convention.

The GSP is the largest character-building organization for girls and young women, with about 2.7 million members in the country. (PNA)

Source: Philippine News Agency