Good News for expatriate workers in Saudi Arabia, as they are about to get permanent residence

The current regime of Saudi Arabia and its policies

One has the right to differ from it, but it seems that the policies of this current regime of Saudi Arabia, is making K.S.A transition from being a less advanced country to a highly competitive country that can compete effectively with the rest of the world in all the fields, and that has also been witnessed by the world, because of some effective policies of this current regime in all the sectors. Saudi Arabia used to be considered a country that is very conservative from many aspects and this wrong myth was much common about Saudi Arabia, most specifically in the western world, but this wrong myth must finish as Saudi Arabia is totally against what it is mostly assumed in the western world. You may question the current regime of Saudi Arabia about this ongoing turmoil of the Gulf region and what it has done so far to bring peace in the Gulf region, but as far as bringing reforms in all the sectors of the country is concerned, so you cannot help admiring its efforts to make K.S.A stands out among those nations, who go parallel with current trends of the world. One of Saudi Arabia’s current regime’s reforms has been to make safe and secure working environment for the working women, working in the private sector, and that reveals the fact that the Saudi Arabia, is devoted to making women to contribute to the betterment of the country.

Now Saudi Arabia has come up with reforms for expatriate workers

We all must admit that Saudi Arabia has happened to be a worse country for the expatriate workers and because of that, many foreign workers, prefer to work in other countries of the Arab region rather than going to Saudi Arabia. As Saudi Arabia has many strict laws for expatriate workers in the country, so that also goes against of country’s aim to accelerate the progress of the country’s economy and that can be a reason for the country to come up with some effective reforms that will encourage the expatriate workers work more passionately in the country. In the current era the more any country facilitates its expatriate workers, the more it attracts more expatriate workers towards that country and which eventually becomes the reason for the best progressive economy. One of the most prominent concerns of expatriate workers in Saudi Arabia, is that they are not paid enough, and with that they also come across a working environment that puts a hurdle in their way of working much professionally, so the current regime of Saudi Arabia, should also think of bringing a reform to provide them an ideal environment and good salaries and this will benefit both the foreign workers and the country.
Being an expatriate worker, you can have permanent residence in Saudi Arabia now
Yes indeed, that is the good news for you as being an expatriate worker in Saudi Arabia, you will have a chance to avail the permanent residence and Saudi Arabia’s this plan is going to benefit many foreign workers, who always remain uncertain for being asked to leave the country as soon as their contract finishes. This positive initiative by the current government of Saudi Arabia has also been warmly appreciated by the expatriate community in Saudi Arabia, and that will also help the Saudi Arabia to bring highly professional people to country in order to work in different sectors of the country, which will eventually make Saudi Arabia as the highly advanced country of the region, that is constantly progressing.

Saudi Arabia’s official statement on it

The Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman has come up with a statement that Saudi Arabia has decided for giving cards as same as United States’ green card system that helps in hiring more foreign workers for a fee. This pan will eventually abolish the current sponsorship system for holders, who will be asked to pay zakat and value-added taxes, there is any, besides premiums on insurance and with this new system, the foreign workers will have a right to own property and get involved in commercial or industrial related activities. This is one of the greatest reforms of this current Saudi Arabia’s regime so far and if foreign people will have a right to own property, so that will also pay a way for foreign investment to come in the country, which will definitely bring out more jobs and opportunities for expatriate workers in Saudi Arabia.

Views of expatriate workers regarding it

According to one Indian development executive from India, the current step by Saudi Arabia is appreciable one and he further also added that there should be naturalization for those who have at least one child aiming to serve in the armed forces in any capacity. According to John Monterona, a convener of the new OFW Forces Worldwide, this new step by the current regime of Saudi Arabia, is actually the recognition of the universal human rights of residency, and according to John Monterona, it is the far-reaching initiative of the Saudi Arabia’s government to honor deserving expatriate workers in Saudi Arabia, who have been in the country for the longest period of time.


One must admit that this current regime of Saudi Arabia, has done a lot in order to let the rest of the world understand that Saudi Arabia also has a great potential to compete in every industry with the rest of the world, and that has been witnessed by its efforts of bringing some highly appreciable reforms, that encouraged the local talent to inspire the rest of the world. Coming up with this new system for getting permanent residence in Saudi Arabia, will also strengthen the expatriate workers’ trust on this current regime of Saudi Arabia, and this will also help them to get rid of a fear of losing a job until they commit a crime.