Gov’t vows to protect Filipinos against human trafficking following Tier 1 ranking

DAVAO CITY-- Despite criticisms and allegations of human rights violations, the Duterte administration happily reported that the Philippines has retained its Tier One status in the fight against human trafficking.? ?

On the Philippine Trafficking In Persons 2017 ranking, the U.S State Department, in its annual report entitled Trafficking In Persons (TIP 2017), cited the Philippines for maintaining its Tier 1 ranking, Sec. Ernesto Abella announced during the Mindanao Hour Press Briefing FRiday.? ?

Meaning, the Philippine government has fully met the minimum of the trafficking victims' protection acts and standards for the elimination of trafficking, he said.? ?

According to the report, the government has demonstrated exceptional efforts and operations to convict human traffickers and identify human trafficking victims, even expanding to Filipinos working abroad.? ?

From July 2016 to June 2017 a total of 1,567 victims were served and 44 convictions were secured, putting 44 traffickers behind bars, the Presidential Spokesperson said.? ?

Abella added that the government would continue its good practices against human trafficking.? ?

As the Duterte administration enters its second year, today, rest assured that the well-being of the Filipinos would be of paramount importance, he said. And we will safeguard and protect them from any threat violence and exploitation through strict implementation of the Expanded Anti-Trafficking In Persons Act of 2012.

Source: Philippines News Agency