Group urges youth to counter violent extremism through nation-building efforts

MANILA-- A top member of the National Youth Congress (NYC) on Friday called on the Filipino youth to help the government counter violent extremism through nation building.

During the PTV-4 forum on countering violent extremism, NYC president and national convenor Ryan Oliver appealed to the youth to stop blaming the government and instead focus on ways to support the programs of the government.

"Most of us blame the government... because our line of thinking is always anchored on what the government should do for us. We should do exactly the opposite. Hence, we should think on how we can help support the programs of the government," said Oliver.

Oliver told the youth to be advocates of positive volunteerism designed to inspire positive changes within the community as it instills Filipino values such as patriotism and respect.

"We should volunteer for a cause. We should spend our time and effort going places to help alleviate poverty and help the poor. We are able to deeply instill in the hearts and minds of our volunteers Filipino values such as the love for our countrymen, value of neighbor, humanity, respect and patriotism," Oliver said.

Furthermore, Oliver said increasing stewardship among the youth is the "right thing to do" in order to "promote a culture of harmony rather than a culture of hate, a culture of peace rather than a culture of violence, and a culture of respect rather than a culture of differences."

"Diverting the energy of the youth and the vulnerable groups to these nation-building activities will definitely block the possibility of them being recruited by extremist groups and extremist ideologies will not be propagated by them," Oliver said.

"We believe that winning the hearts and minds of our people is the most effective counter against violence and extremism," he added.

Source: Philippines News Agency