Human rights advocacy, institutional policy of PNP: Albayalde

MANILA Human rights advocacy is an institutional policy of the Philippine National Police (PNP) as part of their anti-illegal drugs operations, PNP Chief, Director General Oscar Albayalde said on Monday.

We will follow the rule of law here. We want to assure the public that human rights is deeply embedded in the system of the PNP that we can promise, and we can assure the public, Albayalde told reporters during a press briefing when he asked about illegal drugs operations in schools and universities.

He also assured that the coordination with administration or security managers of schools, colleges and universities once they conduct anti-drugs operations.

The conduct of operation will be based on the info that we will be receiving. If we don't receive any illegal activity going on in the university then we don't have a reason to conduct an operation in there," Albayalde said.

Asked if there is list of possible schools involved in illegal activities, Albayalde recalled that there were some instances, when he was still National Capital Region chief, that even as young as those in grades 5 and 6 had been involved in illegal drugs.

Earlier, Albayalde said continuing education on human rights has been constantly afforded to all 180,000 police personnel through periodic training programs and follow-on seminars.

Human rights training modules are also incorporated in all PNP mandatory training and specialization courses from recruitment and during the entire career of personnel in the service, the PNP chief said. (PNA)

Source: Philippine News Agency