I would love to experience what Rizal experienced: PRRD

MANILA President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday said he is ready to face International Criminal Court (ICC) even if it would mean being executed by firing squad which national hero Dr. Jose Rizal suffered for leading a revolution against the Spanish government in 1896.

Drug, I was charged already. Do not worry about me. I can face the ICC. If they want to indict me and convict me, fine. I will gladly do it for my country, Duterte said in his speech during the oath taking of newly-appointed officials at Rizal Hall in Malacanang Palace.

It can be recalled that last week, Macalanang announced that ICC has decided to conduct a preliminary examination on the alleged extrajudicial killings that marred the government's anti-illegal drugs campaign.

I told them (ICC), find a place where they allow execution by firing squad. I would love to experience what Rizal experienced, too, Duterte said, drawing applause from audience.

Duterte said he too has sworn mandate to protect the nation and people from drug menace which he promised to fight until his last day in office.

I have to enforce the law or else I will compromise this country. Drugs has to go, the President said.

According to latest government data, law enforcers have conducted 85,068 operations that resulted to the arrest of 121,087 and death of 4,021 drug personalities since the campaign started on July 1, 2016.

A total of 43,226 drug-related cases have already filed in court while 5,327 barangays have been declared free from illegal drugs.

Aside from his war on drugs, Duterte said his anti-corruption will also continue even as he challenged the newly-appointed officials to build a government that is responsive to the needs of the people.

I'll leave it up to you on what you wanted to do for the country and I know that you would not do anything harmful to the country, Duterte said.

As President, Duterte said he never allowed any contract in the government to reach his desk.

I do not sign anything and there is no paper, MRT, or what not, no paper reaches me, he said.

The President encouraged everyone who have complaints especially about graft and corruption to come to Malacanang anytime they want.

I will give you the space and I will listen to you, the President said, adding he is just a simple man. I'm just an ordinary person, a worker of government.

Duterte said the recent destruction of 30 smuggled luxury cars was just one step to fight rampant smuggling and corruption in the Bureau of Customs (BOC).

Source: Philippine News Agency