Immigration bars Ampatuan brothers, nine others from leaving PHL

MANILA–The Bureau of Immigration (BI) has issued hold departure orders (HDOs) against former Maguindanao Governor Datu Sajid Islam Uy Ampatuan, former Datu Unsay, Maguindanao Mayor Datu Andal Ampatuan Jr. and nine others in connection with their graft cases before the Sandiganbayan.

According to BI spokesperson Antonette Mangrobang aside from the Ampatuan brothers, also included in the HDO are John Estelito Dollosa Jr.; Osmena Bandilla; Landap Guinaid; Akmad Salim; Yahiya Kandong; Jaypee Piang; Anthony Kasan; Pendi Abpet; and Omar Camsa.

She noted that they already disseminated the orders to all the international airports and seaports to stop those in the HDOS from leaving the country.

Their names have already been incorporated in our system. They would not be allowed to leave the country,” the BI official said.

Mangrobang added that in the event that those individuals were spotted at the airport or port, they would be stopped and reported to the court.

The said individuals are subjects of the criminal cases for violating the Graft and Corrupt Practices Act and falsification of public documents which are pending before the Sandiganbayan 5th Division.

The former Maguindanao governor is out on bail since March 2015, while the former Mayor of the province is detained at Camp Bagong Diwa.

Immigration travel records showed that Sajid Ampatuan’s last arrival was in May 15, 2009 and there has been no present record of departure.

But, the BI is not definite if the former governor’s on their record was the same subject in the Sandiganbayan order for having several namesakes.

Source: Philippines News Agency