KWF eyes 2017 Philippine studies congress in Filipino

MANILA-- KomisyonsaWikang Filipino (KWF) is planning to spearhead in Metro Manila next year another landmark event aimed at further promoting Filipino, the country's national language.

KWF's planned "PandaigdigangKongresosamgaPag-aaralhinggilsa Filipinas" will focus on studies about the Philippines, advocate use of Filipino in research on the country and will be the highlight of next year's BuwanngWika annual celebration in August.

"Our target is to conduct in Filipino -- for the first time -- all sessions of that planned congress," National Artist and KWF Chairperson VirgilioAlmario said Monday in Metro Manila during a briefing on the matter.

He noted such target is in line with KWF's bid to promote intellectualization of Filipino.

"Our aim is to show Filipino can be used in all kinds of discourse -- we're not just using this language," he said.

This year, KWF hosted several fora featuring experts who demonstrated use of Filipino in their respective fields.

English is the language mainly used in teaching and research activities across different fields in the country but it's possible to use Filipino as well, noted KWF.

KWF is coordinating with Philippine Studies Association (PSA) and other parties regarding conduct of "PandaigdigangKongresosamgaPag-aaralhinggilsa Filipinas."

"The congress proposes and intends to demonstrate Philippine studies are more properly and effectively conducted in Filipino than in any other language especially if either foreign or local scholars want to look deeply into the Philippine context of history. the social sciences and other fields of knowledge concerning the Philippines and its people," said KWF.

Almario also said using Filipino reaffirms Philippine citizens' national identity since this language is "organically connected with Philippine realities and the Filipino experience."

"We think Filipino must be used first in conducting studies on the Philippines," he added.

PSA, National Museum, National Commission on Culture and the Arts, Filipinas Institute of Translation (FIT) and UnyonngmgaManunulatsaPilipinas are KWF's partners in the congress set for Aug. 2 to 4.

"I hope everyone will support that event," PSA president Dr. Bernardita Churchill said at the briefing.

She noted Filipino must already be the language mainly used in Philippine studies.

FIT head and the congress' director Dr. Galileo Zafra urged Department of Education (DepEd) and Commission on Higher Education (CHED) to include Philippine studies in curricula of schools nationwide.

"Such studies must be at the core of Philippine education," he said at the briefing.

He hopes presentations during the congress can be published to help address shortage of education materials in Filipino.

"There's lack of academic publications in Filipino - we must produce more," he said.

KWF will accept until Jan. 16, 2017 proposed presentations for "PandaigdigangKongresosamgaPag-aaralhinggilsa Filipinas."

The proposals must be original and not yet presented in other venues, noted KWF.

Among topics that can be proposed for presentation arerectification of history, language and media, pros and cons of federalism, cultural roots of the drug problem, Bangsamoro, land reform problems, indigenous knowledge and migration, KWF added.

Source: Philippines News Agency