Law must take its course in Taguig City dad’s drug case

MANILA -- The city government of Taguig said the law should be allowed to take its course in the case of the city councilor who faces charges of drug possession and theft.

We do not condone his conduct. We commend those responsible for the apprehension, the Taguig City government said in a statement in connection with the case of Councilor Richard Paul Jordan.

Jordan was arrested after authorities found in his possession several ecstasy tablets and allegedly stolen items last July 3.

He is now facing cases of illegal drug possession and theft and currently detained at the ParaAaque police station.

The law should be allowed to take its course, and we expect nothing less than the firm implementation of the government's hard line stance against illegal drugs, the Taguig City government said, adding that its leadership puts its full trust on the government regarding the cases.

The national government's approach to the drug menace has been effective in Taguig City. In 2016, Taguig was No. 1 in southern Metro Manila in terms of the arrest of drug peddlers. It has also arrested, jailed and prosecuted drug personalities, including those in Philippine National Police's Top 10 list.

During her administration, Mayor Lani Cayetano has led a campaign to end the notoriety of Taguig as an illegal drug hot spot that was mainly due to the extensive operations of the Tinga Drug Syndicate.

In 2017, a member of the syndicate, Elisa Tinga, was meted out reclusion perpetua and a substantial fine for selling illegal drugs. She is the seventh member of the Tinga Drug Syndicate nabbed by the authorities since 1996.

The case of the councilor is a timely reminder to us that the drug menace is real, and that it continues to exist in our midst despite the unrelenting campaign by the national and local governments, the statement read.

Taguig said it would continue its own crusade versus illegal drugs. It has espoused a holistic approach dubbed Drug-Free Community Program, which runs on an anti-drug abuse advocacy but also aims to transform drug dependents into productive members of the society.

To those who are selling or using drugs, it's not too late: we ask you to avail of our programs before the law catches up with you, the statement added. (Taguig PR)

Source: Philippine News Agency