Livestock product safety starts from animal feeds

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Livestock Taiwan Expo and Forum (Livestock Taiwan), organised by UBM Asia Ltd., Taiwan Branch and co-organised by Taiwan Council of Agriculture, is the only premier B2B trading platform for livestock industry in Taiwan . The event will take place from 28-30 of September 2017 at Nangang Exhibition Center in Taipei . Livestock Taiwan is positioned to be a one-stop comprehensive international B2B trade show which will showcase innovative, eco-friendly and sustainable livestock technology to help raise industry production yield, enhance international cooperation and penetrate overseas markets.

Healthy eating has gained popularity over the years, and more consumers are aware of the side effects of antibiotics these days. This combination accelerates the research on replacement of chemical antibiotics and invention of natural feed additives. Studies also show that feed additives with plant extract ingredients, herbal medicine or organic antibiotics work as effectively as those with chemical compounds and have fewer side effects to livestock, therefore safer to use. Livestock Taiwan will present a variety of healthy and safe antibiotic feeds and feed additives.

Life Rainbow Biotech will debut "Easy-immune," an organic replacement of traditional chemical antibiotics at the Expo. "Easy-immune" can be mass - produced by using cordyceps militaris solid state fermentation technology. The same technology is also the solution to unstable supply of herbal medicine, high production costs and residues of heavy metal and pesticide. Cordyceps Militaris is rich in cordycepin, a proven component that disturbs virus replication. Together with its various polysaccharides, the product is effective for post-disease care and immune enhancement in swine, poultry and fishery. Life Rainbow Biotech is also the 1 st Taiwan company to utilise cordyceps fermentation technology to chelate organic chrome to improve livestock immune system, reduce stress as well as raise product quality and percentage of lean meat.

Mr. Yang, General Manager of Life Rainbow Biotech said , "We will showcase a series of plant and mushroom extract feed additives to advocate the importance of healthy livestock cultivation environment, change farmer's attitude towards usage of medicine to control disease and improve livestock cultivation technology. In the end, we hope all consumers have access to healthy and safe livestock products."

Taiwan is famous for its advanced agriculture, livestock and aquaculture technologies. Livestock Taiwan will be held concurrently with Asia Agri-Tech Technology and Aquaculture Taiwan. Besides the support from Taiwan Council of Agriculture, members of the Taiwan Environmental Manufactures Association, Taiwan Drinking Water Equipment Association, Taiwan Agriculture Machinery Manufacturers Association and Taiwan Veterinary Medicine and Health Industry Association will also participate in Livestock Taiwan.

Source: Philippines News Agency