LTFRB limits TNVS units to 45,700 nationwide

MANILA -- The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has imposed a common supply base that will regulate the number of transport network vehicle services (TNVS) by transportation network companies (TNCs).??

The common base for TNCs will be set at 45,700 TNVS units nationwide based on LTFRB Memorandum Circular Number 2018-003 released to the media Thursday.

This will be established as follows:??

Metro Manila - 45,000 TNVS units??

Metro Cebu - 500 TNVS units

??Pampanga - 200 TNVS units

??The numbers were arrived at based on the data given by the TNCs considering its dual citizenship part time, fulltime, number of bookings as well as churn rates. Every 3 months this undergoes review because of the uniqueness of the TNVS that have churning rates meaning may mga di tumutuloy as TNVS, LTFRB board member Aileen Lizada said in a text message to reporters.??

Every 3 months we need to meet with the TNCs to determine their churn rate on the TNVS. We need to replenish the common base. We will listen to them whatever their concerns are, she added.

??The common base will enable TNVS drivers to register under ridesharing companies that are accredited by the Board.??

All valid and existing certificates of public convenience (CPCs) to operate TNVS and those with pending applications are included in the common supply base.

The validity of existing CPCs to operate TNVS shall remain effective subject to the new terms and conditions as may be prescribed by the Board.??

Accredited TNCs should accept and process for accreditation only valid CPC holders.??

The new guidelines will take effect on February 3, 2018.??

The LTFRB has ordered the suspension of application of TNVS last July 2016 pending review of the guidelines on the ridesharing industry.??

A technical working group was created by the Board which conducted a series of meetings and consultations with all concerned parties including TNC and TNVS partner drivers.

This was to gather relevant data and studies to facilitate the review of policies and the resolution of issues relative to the issuance of franchises to TNVS.??

There are around 125,000 TNVS units in Metro Manila according to the LTFRB.

Source: Philippine News Agency