Malaysia detains 19 Indonesian fishermen: Spokesperson

The Rokan Hilir District office of the All Indonesian Fishermen Association (HNSI) in Riau Province has asked the Central Government to help release 19 local fishermen currently being detained in Malaysia.

"We hope very much the Rokan Hilirs fishermen are immediately repatriated," Secretary to the HNSI Rohil District office Saddam Hussein said here on Sunday night.

The fishing locations are still in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia and (the fishermen) did not encroach on the territory, Saddam quoted a fisherman who escaped the incident as saying.

Thus, Saddam asked the Indonesian Navy and the Coastal Police department to immediately form a team and field and spaciousness direct review to determine whether the location of incoming waters belong to Indonesia or Malaysia.

"The fishermen told us that they were still in the Indonesian waters, including their fishing tools," Saddam pointed out.

Earlier, the Rokan Hilir police precinct chief Senior Commissioner Hendry Posma Lubis cited that the 19 fishermen detained since Thursday (June 23) was a skipper and crew (ABK) of three different motor boats, and all of them are traditional fishing boats.

Source: Antara News