Manila launches linear park along Baseco Baywalk

Manila Mayor Francisco ‘Isko Moreno’ Domagoso on Tuesday night launched the first-ever linear park along Baseco Baywalk.


The new park, with its lighting and landscaping, is seen to benefit residents in the area.


Baseco is one of the challenging areas in Tondo, Manila where informal settlers live.


Having lived and grown up in a similar environment, Domagoso said this is a gift for them.


“Ngayong gabi na ito ay ipinakita lamang sa inyo ng pamahalaang lungsod ang pagbabalik o pagbibigay ng dignidad na kahit tayo ay mahirap, kahit tayo ay iskwater, may dignidad sa pagiging mahirap. (Tonight, we want to show that even if we are poor or informal settlers, we still have dignity),” Domagoso said.


During the launch, Domagoso asked for the cooperation of the public in maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of the rehabilitated portion of Baseco.


He added that being poor does not mean people do not know discipline and cooperation, and that Baseco residents should prove this.


“Tayo ang nagdadala ng karakter ng ating komunidad, nasa kamay natin. Ipapakita natin sa kanila na ‘Oo, iskwater kami. Oo, mahirap kami, pero kami ay disiplinado at may pangarap sa buhay na makaangat sa aming kinalalagyan. (We are the ones showing the character of our community. It’s in our hands. Let us show them that yes, we are informal settlers, yes, we are poor, but we are disciplined and we also have dreams of improving our situation),” he said.


Domagoso asked the community to keep watch of the area and keep it clean.


However, Domagoso warned criminals especially those taking advantage of the poor communities to stop their wrongdoings because he will not give up on pursuing them


Domagoso described the area as dirt and dark, and that most people are afraid to even go there.


Source: Philippines News Agency


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