MIAA taps foreign security firms for personnel training (Philippine Star)

MANILA, Philippines – Foreign transportation security agencies have been tapped to provide training for security personnel of the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) starting this month.

The Australian Office of Transport Security (Aus-OTS) will give an Airport Quality Control Inspector Course to 36 members of MIAA’s Airport Police Department and the Airport Security Inspectorate Office.

“The course will enhance the skills of airport inspectors in conducting internal quality control activities,” MIAA general manager Jose Angel Honrado said.

The course will include a review of techniques related to surveillance and information gathering, as well as modules on documentation and reporting for security planning and coordination activities.

The Aus-OTS will fund the activity under the Philippine Aviation Security Training Assistance Program.

Meanwhile, another security training for MIAA personnel to be conducted by the United States early next year is also in the works.

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Coordination with the US Transportation Security Administration started this month to discuss details for a capacity development course that will tackle modules on screening practices, air marshaling and canine training.