NAIA on full alert

The country's premier airport has been placed in FULL ALERT status following Friday's bombing in Davao City.

"This is not to alarm the public. We have raised our alert status as a proactive measure to ensure safety and security of airport users," said MIAA GM Ed Monreal.

"We have directed baggage screeners to remain vigilant and discerning and to conduct thorough inspection ONLY when the need calls for it. We do not want to cause inconvenience in the process by creating long lines at the baggage screening checkpoints," Monreal explained.

The airport chief also said that as a matter of procedure during full alert status, "we have full complement in our Airport Police Department. Cancelled day-off, no leave of absence.

Monreal further advised airport users not to be alarmed with increased police visibility within the Terminal buildings and outer vicinities of NAIA. "Our K9 units will also be a common sight in the complex under this situation," the airport chief added.

Security at checkpoints shall conduct random rigid inspections on motor vehicles and the public is advised to oblige for their own protection.

Issuance of access for the purpose of meeting or sending off passengers has also been limited. "Depending on intelligence reports, we may completely suspend issuance of visitors passes for everyone's safety, "Monreal stressed.

"Together with the PNP-Aviaition Security Group, we appeal to everyone to bear with us during this time," Monreal said in closing.

Source: Philippine Information Agency