New tax rap vs. Rappler filed before Pasig court

MANILAA new complaint for tax law violations has been filed by state prosecutors before a Pasig trial court against online news organization Rappler chief Maria Ressa.

In a charge sheet dated Nov. 17, 2018 filed before the Pasig City regional trial court, Assistant State Prosecutor Zenamar Machacon Caparros indicted Ressa of Rappler Holdings Corp. (RHC) for alleged violation of Sec. 255 of the National Internal Revenue Code.

The charge accused the online firm of "fail(ure) to supply correct and accurate information in the quarterly value-added tax return of RHC for the second quarter of tax year 2015."

Based on the charge sheet, the firm reportedly committed the violation when it "fail(ed) to report the quarterly sales receipts coming from the issue and sale by RHC of Philippine Depositary Receipts as a dealer in securities to NBM Rappler in the total amount of PHP2.54 million."

The act resulted in unpaid deficiency value-added tax of PHP294,000 due to the government, excluding surcharge and interest, the indictment said. (PNA)

Source: Philippine News Agency