News Feature: DepEd chief cites need for Qualifications Framework in PH

MANILA-- Department of Education (DepEd) Secretary Leonor Briones recently underscored the need to institutionalize a Philippine Qualifications Framework (PQF) to better empower future workers and make them more competitive if they go to other countries.

The PQF "will allow a person to start at a level that suits him/her, then build his/her qualifications over time," she said in a press conference, adding that the PQRF will also encourage lifelong learning.

The PQF will be aligned to the Qualifications Framework of other Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Member States.

Last July 12-13, the ASEAN Qualifications Reference Framework (AQRF) was discussed in Manila by representatives of the member states. The meeting discussed the details of the AQRF's work plan.

AQRF Chair Julaihi Bin Mohammad of Brunei Darussalam and Vice Chair Megawati Santosa of Indonesia also joined Philippine government agency officials in discussing the focus and purpose of convening this technical workshop and meeting.

"We must ensure that our learners will have the kind of preparation that is comparable to the other countries. We need to make sure no one in the ASEAN region will be left behind," Briones said, referring to the need for an AQRF and PQF.

She continued, "the Philippines needs the AQRF so we could be equal with other countries (in terms of qualifications)."

Basically, the ASEAN member states want to address the differences in the levels of education qualifications among different countries.

Mohammad acknowledged that each of the 10 ASEAN member states has different educational systems, and a platforms. Thus, the AQRF is needed to better understand all of those.

The mobility of learners and workers can be facilitated if there is a concrete understanding between all the member states' educational system, which can be achieved through the AQRF, he said.

The PQRF will be aligned to international qualifications. Moreover, it will accredit certificates and licenses recognized by the government.

"The PQRF will therefore assist people to move easily between different education and training sectors, as well as in the labor sector," DepEd noted.

Source: Philippine News Agency