NYT articles part of well-funded demolition job vs Duterte — Palace

MANILA-- MalacaAang on Monday said the series of New York Times (NYT) articles on President Rodrigo Duterte is clearly a part of a well-funded demolition job mounted by certain groups that include politicians.

"NYT's very obvious demolition work flies in the face of the very high approval of PPRD enjoys. The newspaper tries to stir global outrage in a nation that welcomes its newfound peace and order," Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella said in a statement.

"One can only conclude that certain personalities and politicians have mounted a well-funded campaign utilizing hack writers and their ilk in their bid to oust President Duterte," Abella said.

The Palace official noted how in a span of one week, NYT has published three pieces about the President.

He said the news feature "Becoming Duterte: The Making of a Philippine Strongman" narrated the rise to power of Duterte under the context of violence.

Meanwhile, the editorial, "Accountability for Duterte," with jailed mutineer and Magdalo Partylist Rep. Gary Alejano and Jude Sabio, lawyer of self-confessed assassin Edgar Matobato, mouthed unsubstantiated claims.

The third was a video documentary, "When A President Says, "I'll Kill You," that zeroed in on the vigilante deaths that occurred under the present administration.

But despite the obvious bid to malign the President and his administration, Abella said the government remains undaunted.

"The Administration will not be deterred in fulfilling its promise of building a progressive and inclusive nation free from drugs, crimes and corruption.

Source: Philippines News Agency