On the fate of appointment as DOH Chief by CA: I’m leaving everything to God–Sec. Ubial

MANILA-- Department of Health (DOH) Secretary Dr. Paulyn Jean B. Rosell-Ubial on Friday said that she is lifting to God her fate on the forthcoming outcome of her appointment by the Commission on Appointment (CA) as Health Chief of the agency.

"People are asking me why don't you get out and we will help you... or asking how can we support you...I tell them, just do your job and God will take care of the rest...There is no need to do everything like writing letter of support because I would like to be confirmed not because of the number of people who supports me but because of what I have accomplished, who I am, and what I have accomplished," Ubial said in her message during the Global Tobacco Surveillance Survey (GTSS) launching of results held at Rembrandt Hotel in Quezon City.

Ubial said that she had prepared since last year in presenting herself to the CA body in the Senate by submitting all her documents indicating her accomplishments in the aspects of fighting corruption in the agency, promotion of good governance in the bureacracy and looking at the health and well--being of the people with no hidden agenda.

However, because of issues on DENR Secretary Gina Lopez' appointment by the CA body, her schedule was postponed and right now she was still waiting for her schedule.

With the fate of Lopez, she expressed sadness as she said that she was still one of the 3 lady cabinet secretaries of President Rodrigo R. Duterte that were not confirmed by CA.

"I think a lot of the news today actually focuses on non-confirmation of (DENR)Secretary Gina Lopez. We are saddened by this event. But for me nothing happens by accident. And everything happens all in God's time. So, I'm still one of the 3 cabinet Secretaries that was not being confirmed.

She further added that whatever will be the fate of her appointment, she was hopeful that such would not affect in any way the health sector had been moving so far in its agenda of fulfilling its goal by pushing health for all Filipinos especially the marginalized and underserved.

"We should move forward whoever the Health Secretary is and do our best for the country," she told the health partners and workers.

Ubial track of record in DOH was one of the admirable ones because she typically rose from the ranks and had been in the service for more than 28 years.

She was behind different programs like tobacco control and prevention, breastfeeding, etc.

After being appointed as Health Chief by President Duterte last June 2016, she had exhibited strong dedication and hard work as she followed all the instructions of President Duterte by echoing to the agency the desire of the President to ensure that health and well-being of the poor are prioritized.

Under her leadership, she also pushed forward whatever good programs that are proven effective and beneficial to the health and welfare of the Filipino people.

The Health Chief also strongly pushed forward in fighting the rising cases of HIV by advocating condom access.

She also strongly supported various initiatives like strengthening programs for prioritization of mental health in the country and supporting the passage of mental health bill which was recently passed in the Senate and now in the House of Representatives.

As indication of her strong advocacy on mental health and believing that drug addiction is a mental concern that needs to be addressed, through her initiatives, several drug rehabilitation centers were built and still being built to cater those that will need them in order to save the drug dependents on the war against drugs.

Under her leadership in DOH, she also strengthened programs that promote maternal and infant care and many others.

Source: Philippines News Agency