Outgoing Govt Arsenal chief lauded for initiative, dedication

MANILA -- Department of National Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana has recognized outgoing Government Arsenal (GA) director, retired Maj. Gen. Jonathan Martir, for his initiative and dedication that helped the agency produce diversified defense materiel.

Because of Director Martir's initiative and leadership, the GA has diversified production of defense materiel for use of the AFP's (Armed Forces of the Philippines') tactical units, repaired unserviceable rifles of the AFP, and developed its capability in manufacturing weapons, as well as medium and large caliber ammunition, Lorenzana said as Martir formally stepped down on Wednesday after serving a seven-year term.

He expressed hope that Martir's replacement, retired Maj. Gen. Daniel Casabar, would carry on the reforms and good governance that the former had carried out.

Casabar, he said, is well-fitted for the post as he served the military in various capacities prior to his retirement in April 2010.

I know that the GA is in good hands with Maj. Gen. Casabar on top, confident that he can stir the GA to realize our longtime dream of having a self-reliant defense posture, the defense chief added.

The GA is tasked to produce rifles and ammunition for all Philippine security forces.

Source: Philippine News Agency