Over 11K to benefit from TESDA’s first Nat’l Assessment Day

MANILA The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) expects some 11,200 people to benefit from its first National Assessment Day on June 26-27, an executive of the agency has estimated.

"This is the first time that TESDA will provide free assessment to anyone who intends to be assessed," Ma. Susan Dela Rama, TESDA Certification Office executive director, told the Philippine News Agency (PNA) in an interview on Tuesday evening.

Previously, Dela Rama said, TESDA had provided free assessment, but only for industry workers.

"Now, even high school graduates, who had the skills training, or who had a training from K-12, can avail of this free assessment," she stressed.

TESDA has allotted PHP13-million budget for the two-day activity, according to Dela Rama.

"(TESDA Director General) Guiling Mamondiong wants to institutionalize the National Assessment Day, so we can stage this yearly," she said.

Dela Rama said TESDA is expecting more individuals would avail of the assessment since it's free. "If they pass and get a National Certification, then we're also expecting more people will get employed," she remarked.

The price of assessment depends on the skills training, and the cost ranges from PHP500 to about PHP2,500.

"The price is higher if there will be more equipment needed for the assessment. Welding, for instance, needs an equipment. So that would be pricier than the other assessment," explained Dela Rama.

The executive director explained that assessment is vital for an individual, since this is an indicator if he or she is competent.

"This would let the employers know if they are really capable of doing the job," she said. "This (assessment) will be an edge for the applicant. For BS HRM graduates, for example, the assessment will be the employers' basis if they can do Food and Beverage services, if they can be a barista, etc. Some employers don't even look for the applicants' diploma, but they look for certification."

Meanwhile, Dela Rama said TESDA has been preparing for this event for several months now, and started disseminating information in the regions last May.

"(Regional offices) don't just accept applicants. They still look if the applicants are qualified or are really ready for the assessment," she said.

She added that the process is still ongoing, and that the TESDA central office is still waiting for seven regional offices to submit the papers regarding the event. (PNA)

Source: Philippine News Agency