Over 6,000 Filipinos in Saudi awaiting exit visas -DFA

MANILA-- The Philippine government has endorsed many of those undocumented Filipino workers who have already registered to the immigration to avail the amnesty offered by Saudi Arabia for the processing of exit visas.

Raul Dado, executive director of the office of migrant workers affairs of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), said 5,176 Filipinos were repatriated under the amnesty program out of some 12,000 registered Filipinos.

He said there are 6,000 Filipinos who are still awaiting exit visas.

"They will not be jailed but the Philippine government has a standard operation on repatriating Filipinos individually based on certain criteria," he added.

The government advised overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who cannot be given exit visas because they have commercial and private debts to fulfill their obligations so they can leave the country.

The Saudi government has not announced any extension of its 90-day amnesty program that ended on June 25.

The Interior Ministry of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia allowed all undocumented migrant workers to leave the country without penalties in line with its campaign A Nation Without Violations.

Dado said registration has now ceased because the amnesty has not been extended.

Source: Philippines News Agency