Overseas workers support OFW ID: Bello

MANILA -- Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Secretary Silvestre Bello III said that so far, they have not received any negative reactions from overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) regarding the watermark image of President Rodrigo Duterte printed on the OFW Identification card.

In a press briefing, the DOLE chief said based on hundreds of text messages he received, the majority of them are supporting the issuance of the ID and on how it was printed.

Based on the 500 messages I received from OFWs, their reactions are favorable, he said.

Bello added, There was also one text message that says, he is happy that his picture is placed next to Tatay Digong.

Bello urged the public and members of the media to report or send to him any message from only certified OFWs complaining about the new OFW ID.

We want to listen to the sentiments of 'true' OFWs, Bello added.

At the same time, he expressed belief that those who are complaining or criticizing the IDs just want to discredit the project.

The DOLE has started distributing OFW IDs to returning OFWs.

Source: Philippine News Agency