Overwhelming support from constituents forces QC vice mayor to jump to PDP-Laban

MANILA-- Quezon City Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte on Friday said she decided to join PDP-Laban after she consulted her father and her constituents.

She said that after getting the nod of her constituents, she immediately consulted her former affiliation, Liberal Party (LP) who first tried to stop her but when they learned that her constituents supported her, the party gave their blessings.

I decided to join PDP Laban because first, my constituents voted overwhelmingly for the President (Rodrigo Duterte). Hence, my voters and his voters are one and the same, and obviously they support his message of change. I believe it is my duty as one of the leaders of the city to be aligned with the choice of the people that I serve, because my loyalty to them should take precedence over all other loyalties, she told Philippine News Agency in an exclusive interview.

According to Belmonte, she had already for a very long time, been an advocate of many of the things the party stands in its anti-drug campaign in which Quezon City is a model and lately federalism.

Belmonte is the concurrent chairperson of Quezon City Anti-Drug Abuse Advisory Council.

She said she was in fact one of the delegates sent by DILG to a learning trip on federalism in Washington DC, USA.

Having goals and aims consistent with my constituents preference as well as this administration, I thought it made good sense for me to transfer to PDP-Laban so that these advocacies can be further promoted and expanded this time with the blessings and support of the government, at the same time, she pointed out

I am in a better position to serve my constituents because I will have the support of the various service agencies of the national government, she added.

Belmonte stressed that moving parties "opens doors of opportunities for my city that were otherwise no there or restricted. All LP leaders consulted and with their blessings."

She, together with two QC congressmen, Winnie Castelo and Alfred Vargas likewise joined the administration party.

The new recruits were sworn in by Senate President Aquilino Koko Pimentel, also the president of PDP-Laban in his office last Wednesday.

But what is ironic is three PDP-Laban have already expressed willingness to run for Mayor of Quezon City in 2019.

Aside from Belmonte, Castelo and Rep. Bimbong Crisologo have expressed interests. Only Belmonte and Castelo are on their last term of office.

Asked if she is also considering to replace his father, Rep. Sonny Belmonte Jr. in Congress who is planning to retire from politics, the vice mayor said she is not comfortable to inherit the position of his father but she is not yet closing the door.

She added that she likewise consulted her father regarding her decision to change political color, the elder Belmonte allowed her and vowed to give his daughter the needed support.

Source: Philippines News Agency