PLDT taps Uber for transport services of its employees

MANILA-- Leading telecoms and digital service provider PLDT has selected ridesharing company Uber to provide transportation services to its employees.

Sales personnel of PLDT and its subsidiaries Smart Communications and Voyager Innovations Inc. will be given an Uber for Business account which is connected to a central payment account where their fares are automatically charged.

Thus, employees need not shell out their personal money and may ask for reimbursement at a later date.

Through this, the PLDT group takes its digital pivot further by becoming the country's first and biggest conglomerate to use digital solutions to augment its fleet management, Eric Alberto, PLDT Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer said in a statement Monday.

Through progressive and digital fleet management, we enable our employees to really focus only on delivering awesome customer experiences when they go about their day-to-day duties, without worrying about transportation and parking issues, this via paperless transactions and analytics, he added.

The PLDT Group through its partnership with Uber can also access a dashboard which would indicate commonly used delivery routes providing data that may help maximize their trips.

This initiative would enable the company to outsource transportation services instead of buying additional vehicles and spending for their fuel, maintenance, insurance and parking fees.

It would also reduce the company's carbon footprint and promote carpooling among its employees.

Uber Philippines General Manager Laurence Cua said: Uber is excited to offer solutions to companies like the PLDT group and allow us to work together not only to solve traffic, but also to save on costs of buying brand new cars. By using technologies like Uber for Business, companies are able to unlock new ways to meet employee transportation needs whenever they want, at the push of a button. We are helping shape the future of travel and simplify processes.

Uber for Business is currently conducting its pilot test run among PLDT, Smart and Voyager employees and will later be rolled out to a larger base in the future.

Earlier this year, uberHOP rides for employees during morning and afternoon rush hours were launched, with designated convergence points in Quezon City and ParaAaque, which had been pre-identified through a survey.

Each uberHOP ride can accommodate up to 6 passengers.

Source: Philippines News Agency