PNP-IAS to audit all PNP detention facilities nationwide

MANILA-- The Philippine National Police Internal Affairs Service (PNP-IAS) will conduct a nationwide audit of all PNP detention facilities.

PNP-IAS chief Director Leo Angelo Leuterio said this after they found out that the Manila Police District (MPD) Station 1 had been using the so-called "secret jail" for the past five years because of lack of space to accommodate the sheer number of detainees.

Leuterio said that the IAS would like to determine if this practice was widespread in other police stations all over the country.

In the ongoing investigation of the case, the PNP-IAS found that MPD Station 1 had been using the so-called "secret jail" to temporarily house detainees since it was constructed five years ago.

The PNP-IAS chief said that they were trying to ascertain if the facility was really used as a "secret jail" because it's possible that it was a make-shift extension of their regular detention facilities.

He added that any area of a police station may be used to house detainees.

The PNP-IAS is currently validating the statements obtained from the 11 detainees housed in the so-called "secret jail".

Earlier, PNP chief Director General Ronald Bato Dela Rosa had talked to the detainees, who denied the allegations that the MPD policemen mistreated them and attempted to extort money from them while they were under detention.

Source: Philippines News Agency