PNP taking care of SAF kin–OIC

MANILA: The Philippine National Police on Tuesday assured the family and relatives of the elite police commandos killed in the Jan. 25 Mamasapano massacre the processing of the benefits due them was being rushed.

But the PNP is still deliberating what honors to bestow on the survivors of the bloody clash—a spot promotion, a commendation or medals, for their bravery.

PNP officer in charge Deputy Director General Leonardo Espina maintained that the government had fast-tracked the processing of the benefits for relatives of the slain 44 Special Action Force troopers.

“If there are claims that some are not receiving benefits and pensions, maybe they have yet to submit certain requirements,” Espina said.

As of April 24, relatives of the slain commandos had received a total of P68,614,672.60 of the P68,926,441.30 in pensions and benefits due them.

All of the 44 slain commandos were posthumously promoted to the next higher rank, while the PNP is deliberating what honors to give the 15 survivors of the clash.

“They can only receive one of the awards. Deliberations are ongoing, we are finalizing what would be the best way to honor the survivors,” Espina said.

He assured the families the government was not ignoring their needs.