Poe lauds DOTr for increasing number of MRT-3 running trains

MANILA Senator Grace Poe on Tuesday lauded the Department of Transportation (DOTr) for its efforts that made possible the increase in the number of Metro Rail Transit Line 3 (MRT-3) running trains in the past couple of days.

We commend the Department of Transportation for the maintenance and repair works on the MRT that gave us 13 running trains to date, Poe said in a statement.

The chair of the Senate Committee on Public Services added that she is hoping that the agency could soon fulfill its promise of increasing the number of MRT-3 running trains to 20.

We hope this will be the start of the promised resurrection of MRT's services and the reversal of its abysmal record of unfortunate events. We also hope this would alleviate the sufferings of the commuters who brave the long queues every day to get a ride, and often get off-loaded when the train encounters technical glitches, she said.

We look forward to the DOTr's promise to increase the running trains to 20, each having four-car configuration to transport more passengers at a faster pace, Poe said.

Last Monday, MRT-3 deployed 15 trains after extensive maintenance work was conducted during a five-day Holy Week break.

It was the first time that MRT deployed 15 running trains since January 5.

However, Poe admitted that the mass rail system still has a long way to go before becoming at par with developed countries.

But 13 and soon, 20 trains are better than seven or eight. We will keep watch until we have a train system that is affordable, efficient, safe and comfortable, because the public deserves no less, she said.

Poe repeated her call for a comprehensive program to rehabilitate and maintain the MRT as a necessary measure to ensure its safe and efficient operation.

In the days ahead, we hope we can hear developments from the DOTr on the issue of the Dalian trains as well, Poe said.

Source: Philippine News Agency