President Duterte assures Kabalens: No corruption in my gov’t

President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday assured the more than 9,000 women volunteers against illegal drugs in this province that there will be "no corruption" in his government.

"Rest assured that there will be no corruption," Duterte said during his third visit in Pampanga as he graced the Convergence of Nanay (Mother) Volunteers as Community Drug Watch held at the Parade Grounds inside this Freeport.

In his speech, the President reiterated the continuation of his anti-illegal drug campaign to protect every Filipino.

"Remember, four million is four million (referring to drug addicts) and it is no joke. They are spreading all throughout the country and we are already in the narco-politics state," the Chief Executive said as he showed again the thick narco-politics list to the audience.

Meanwhile, Governor Lilia Pineda, during the opening rites, shared the duties of the Nanay Community Workers, which include reporting drug users and pushers, contributing to the peace and order of the province.

Pineda also emphasized how Kapampangan women are empowered and perfectly exemplified through their roles as Nanay Volunteers in the province.

More than 9,000 mother volunteers from 505 barangays were mobilized since July to help in the anti-illegal drugs campaign of the provincial government as a last ditch effort to put an end to the unlawful trade of prohibited substances, not only in Pampanga but also in other parts of the country.

"Mothers will serve as volunteers and form part of the anti-illegal drugs force in communities to support the government campaign and war on drugs," said Pineda in a statement.

The governor said she strongly believes that mothers would be effective "tools" in the anti-illegal drugs drive as they are the ones who can closely monitor members of the family.

This may be duplicated by other provinces throughout the country, as Pineda expressed optimism that the move would be of great help to the law enforcers and other government units tasked to go after illegal drugs abuse.

Source: Philippines News Agency