Press Statement of Majority Leader Rolando Andaya Jr. Re: Nonrelease of salary increase for government employees

I am appealing to President Duterte, please remind the DBM Secretary to transmit to the OP all the documents needed to effect the release of salary increase for government employees due this year.

Sec. Diokno will be doing the country a great disservice if he fails to submit these documents to the President on time. The President needs to sign the pertinent documents in order to effect the releases by January 15.

These are the same documents that the President signed last year for the first tranche of salary increases for uniformed personnel, at a time when the pay raise was still not included in the 2018 budget proposal.

The President may end up being blamed as the fall guy for the nonrelease as Sec. Diokno will simply say the President has not authorized the fund releases.

Source: House of Representatives