PRRC, LLDA join hands in creation of multi-modal transport system

MANILA-- The Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission (PRRC) and the Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA) will jointly plan and implement a multi-modal transport system which is expected to attract local and foreign businessmen as well as tourists.

PRRC Executive Director Jose Antonio Goitia, in a press conference on Tuesday, said the move will transform Pasig River and the Laguna Lake as an alternative transport route to conduce traffic congestion in Metro Manila.

The plan was conceived in a meeting between Goitia and LLDA General Manager Jaime Medina on March 14, in line with President Rodrigo Duterte's marching orders to revive the Pasig River ferry services.

"The revival of the ferry services along the Pasig River is priority, but just a starting part of our ambitious plan for a Pasig River-Laguna Lake multi-modal transport system." Goitia said.

Goita appointed PRRC Deputy Director for Operations Gregorio Garcia counterpart with LLDA's Assistant General Manager to manage the PRRC-LLDA Technical Committee.

The multi-modal transport system will be done on three phases. The first step will involve environment enhancement. The next phase will be the urbanization anf consolidation of the industry as well as building landscape system. Lastly, it will create high-quality tourism products and integration of river tourism through advance technology.

"We envision a light rail along the Pasig River and Laguna Lake and a modern navigation transport along these important waterways," said Goitia.

Goitia has already convinced China Railway Corporation Ltd. to conduct a feasibility assessment of the multi-modal transport system.

Source: Philippine News Agency