PRRD on drug war: ‘I have little time left’

MANILA -- President Rodrigo R. Duterte said he had "little time left" to replicate the success of the anti-drug war, which he started during his term as mayor in Davao City, in the entire country.

Look at Davao now, you can walk around. Maybe it's not really the safest city in the Philippines but you can walk about whatever -- night-time, Duterte said in his speech during the inauguration of Northern Mindanao Wellness and Reintegration Center in Bukidnon on Friday.

Sana 'yun ang gusto kong gawin sa Pilipinas (That's what I want to do for the entire Philippines). And yet I have a little time left. Baka kung masunod lang nila 'yang Davao (Maybe if they were only able to replicate what they did in Davao), he added.

Duterte's commitment to rid the country of illegal drugs as he did in Davao is one of his campaign promises.

The President said he was not campaigning for any politician, adding that he had no plans to run for the 2022 elections, saying he is ready for retirement.

Look just -- I'll just cut it short. I am not campaigning for anybody nor for me. I cannot run anymore even as a kagawad (barangay councilor), Duterte said.

After my term, I will retire and probably die slowly or may mag-kursunada then make it faster. Whichever, I am ready for retirement and for anything in life, he quipped.

Duterte earlier said he was willing to step down as early as 2019 as long as federalism is in place.

To allay fears that he had plans to stay in power beyond his term, Duterte had asked the Consultative Committee (ConCom) tasked to draft the federal constitution to include a provision that will ban him from running during the 2022 elections.

The President also asked the ConCom to allow the election of a Transition President to lead the shift to a federal system of government because he was tired and wanted a younger leader to take over. (PNA)

Source: Philippine News Agency