PRRD praised for serving Pinoys despite ‘threats’ to presidency

MANILA Despite what he described as threats to the presidency, Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo on Wednesday praised President Rodrigo R. Duterte for his dedication to serve and protect the Filipino people, in a birthday message for the President.

No matter the odds, unmindful of the danger that lurks and threaten your presidency, you have stood fast in complying with the directives and commands of the Constitution to serve and protect the Filipino people, Panelo said in a greeting to his boss.

Panelo also lauded Duterte for his administration's achievements including the campaign against illegal drugs and criminality, the drive against corruption, projects aimed at increasing tourist arrivals, foreign investments, and the increase of workers' salaries, among others.

Your war on drugs is reaping fruits, the country has a robust economy, your drive against corruption is in the upswing while your drive against criminality is taking a toll on the criminals. Foreign investments are pouring in and there is an influx of tourists. The upgrade of the salaries of workers have begun while the social services to the poor is in full swing. Poverty and employment is being addressed at, so is the problem on environment, Panelo said.

He also pointed out that several ASEAN leaders were in awe and admiration for Duterte's tough and yet compassionate brand of leadership.

Panelo , meanwhile, expressed hope that Duterte's fans and supporters will continue praying for him to be shielded from harm, injury and sickness.

The overwhelming majority of the Filipinos who placed you in the exalted office you now holds, have stormed the heavens with their prayers that the angels be sent to you to spread their wings to shield you from any harm, injury or sickness and to wish you on your birthday a continuing good health that you may continue to fulfill your mandate under the guidance of the Almighty's wisdom and love. Many happy returns of the day. Cheers President Rody, Panelo said.

As you add another page to your book of life, the gods of destiny appear to be smiling at how you have hurdled the formidable gauntlet they have thrown at you, for surely you have mastered the art of playing at your foes, vexing your detractors and perflexing [sic] your allies as well, as you carry the burdens of the presidency with the erudition of a tactician and the dexterity of a magician, he added.

For his part, House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez praised the Chief Executive's "competent leadership".

"No doubt, his long experience in public office, as prosecutor, congressman and Davao City Mayor, has adequately prepared him to assume the highest elective position and to lead the country towards political stability and sustained economic growth," Alvarez said.

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque earlier said the President will be spending his 73rd birthday quietly with family in his hometown, Davao City.

Source: Philippine News Agency