PRRD to direct PNP himself than appoint corrupt chief

MANILA If he could not decide on whom he would appoint as the next chief of the Philippine National Police (PNP), President Rodrigo R. Duterte said he would rather lead the police force himself.

Duterte said he was taking his time in deciding who the next PNP chief will be because he is still conducting an extensive background check to ensure the next top cop is free of corruption cases.

If they have even a single case of corruption, you're out, Duterte said in a chance interview with reporters in MalacaAang on Thursday night.

I would rather not appoint anybody for that matter. Ako na ang hahawak (I will handle it). I will be the one directing...guidance and direction lang naman ako (I will only be there for guidance and direction), he added.

Asked what would push him to lead the police force himself, Duterte said he would only come up with the decision as a last resort.

You're talking of arrival, that will be a long journey but that is in the event that I could not find someone I could trust, Duterte said.

He, meanwhile, urged the PNP to suggest the best guy who could replace resigned PNP chief Oscar Albayalde who stepped down on Oct. 14 amid the ninja cops issue.

Show me, tell me, who's the best to handle the command. Just give me an honest man, period. And for all of the Cabinet members including the military men who are about to enter the civilian service. Just be honest, that's all, Duterte said.

He also admitted that there were so many things that the police has to improve on.

One of the reasons why he was having trouble choosing the next top cop is because many police and military personnel were involved in the illegal drug trade.

Itong pulis maraming problema. Pati itong mga generalsnila kasama sa droga. Yan ang ayaw ko diyan. Pati generals (These police, they have lots of problems. Even these generals, they're involved in the illegal drug trade. That's what I don't like. Even generals), Duterte said.

Duterte admitted that he failed to fulfill his campaign promise to end the illegal drug trade within six months because he did not know the gravity of the country's drug problem until he became president.

Hindi lumabas 'yan hangga't di ako naging presidente (That didn't surface until I became president), Duterte said.

On Nov. 19, Duterte said the three police generals on the list of contenders for the next PNP chief are all good.

Currently, PNP officer-in-charge, Lt. Gen. Archie Francisco Gamboa is one of the top candidates as PNP chief.

The other contenders for the post are Lt. Gen. Camilo Cascolan, deputy chief for operations and Maj. Gen. Guillermo Eleazar, former Metro Manila police director and now heads the directorial staff. (PNA)

Source: Philippines News Agency