Public-private collaboration to boost maritime economy

MANILA -- Participants of the two-day National Marine Summit 2019 have sought greater collaboration between the government and the private sector to come up with a long-term plan that will further boost the maritime economy in the country.

National Coast Watch Council Secretariat Jose Pascasio presented on Wednesday an adopted resolution approved by stakeholders from the government, the academe, and think-tanks, community-based and non-government organizations, environmentalists and scientists on Tuesday, the first day of the summit.

Citing the resolution unanimously adopted by the participants, Pascasio said there was a proposal to formulate a long-term plan aimed at developing and promoting the maritime industry in the Philippines.

On Marine research, the recommendation is to call for greater collaboration between the private sector and government for the formulation of the long-term National Research Development and Innovation Plan, which shall be conducted by the National Academy of Science and Technology, Pascasio said during the second and last day of the National Marine Summit.

He said it was also recommended to create a National Investment Plan for Research and Development Infrastructure for the national research fleet and vessel monitoring.

Pascasio said players in the maritime industry and other stakeholders were also encouraged to provide inputs and needs during the formulation process.

He said it was also recommended to establish a mechanism for cooperation between government, higher education institutions (HEIs), and the private sector to facilitate the development of marine-related education programs.

Pascasio noted that the stakeholders are convinced that there is a need for the continued engagement and collaboration between and among government agencies, non-government organizations, maritime organizations, and the HEIs for the development of system for the gathering, consolidation, assessment and dissemination of information necessary for marine policy-making.

He said the first day of the summit led to an agreement among stakeholders to intensify the assessment of the country's land resources, living and non-living resources, and oceanographic research.

The summit participants also called on the government to scale up marine protected areas by applying appropriate management tools.

They also wanted a continued restoration and rehabilitation of coastal and marine environment, as well as of resources destroyed by human activities, Pascasio said.

The resolution, Pascasio said, sought the promotion of cooperation for the effective enforcement of existing laws and for harmonization and coordination for the sustainable use of marine resources.

Duterte asked to immediately approve MIDP

On the first day of the National Marine Summit, stakeholders also supported the call for President Rodrigo Duterte to immediately approve the Maritime Industry Development Plan (MIDP) 2019 to 2028, Pascasio said.

The MIDP seeks to understand and address the core problem of the maritime sector, as well as the underlying causes of the problem, in order to plan and implement more responsive programs that meet demand of the maritime industry.

The summit expresses support for the immediate approval by His Excellency, President Rodrigo Duterte, of the MIDP 2019 to 2028 and setting in motion its implementation, the NCWC secretariat said.

Pascasio said the resolution also backed the conduct of comprehensive review of existing legal and institutional arrangements, in a bid to enable local government units to invest in the development of ports and other coastal infrastructures to support maritime development across the country.

He added that summit participants also supported the continued institutionalization of a comprehensive, modern and efficient maritime safety and security systems to help prevent maritime accidents, save lives, and protect people and trade. (PNA)

Source: Philippines News Agency