QC grants aid to 1st batch of Senior Citizens death benefit program

MANILA-- Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista on Wednesday said that more than 30 beneficiaries of the death benefit welfare assistance program received their 5,000-peso financial assistance from the Quezon City Office of Senior Citizens Affairs.

Bautista approved City Ordinance No. 2544, otherwise known as the Death Benefit Welfare Assistance Ordinance of 2016 last January 9, 2017. The assistance also serves as a token of the QC government's sincere gratitude and great respect for senior citizens who are considered as the living link to history up to the time of their demise.

The resolution targets about 400,000 recipients. However, the number of beneficiaries could possibly increase in the coming months.

According to Alberto G. Lucero, OSCA administrative officer, Ordinance 2544-2016 Section 6.1 states that the death benefits, including the sudden surge thereof, could be taken from the one percent of General Fund of the City allocated for the programs, projects and activities of registered senior citizens residing in Quezon City, subject to the availability of funds.

Under the provision, legitimate beneficiaries of deceased senior citizens shall receive at least PHP 5,000 as death benefit welfare assistance.

To receive the benefits, they must be able to present a QC OSCA-issued Senior Citizens ID of the deceased, certificate of residency issued by the barangays, a copy of the death certificate, proof of relationship of the claimant, and other necessary documents.

Only registered senior citizens of Quezon City whose relatives can prove sufficient requirements as stated are allowed to receive the said benefits.

Among the first batch of beneficiaries is 81-year old Elsa Ramos from UP Village. Ramos received the death benefit in behalf of her deceased husband.

Basta itong aking natanggap, pang-medicine at iba pang pangangailangan naming, Ramos stressed.

Source: Philippines News Agency