Red Cross to teach kids basic first aid on World First Aid Day 2016

As the leading first aid provider and educator in the country, the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) will mark the celebration of World First Aid Day (WFAD) on September 10 with a lecture and demonstration on basic first aid for children.

Anchoring on the global theme "First Aid for and by Children", the free lecture and demonstration activity will be held from 10am to 5pm at the Manila Ocean Park domed atrium.

The activity aims to engage and educate children, together with their parents, on emergency preparedness and basic first aid. This includes common first aid skills like bandaging and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) for children 12 years old and above.

"The Red Cross provides trainings for the youth to equip them with life-saving knowledge and skills and the confidence to act or help save lives when needed. Learning basic first aid will not only prepare children for worst case scenarios, it will also help them develop their self-esteem and give them a sense of purpose early on in their lives," said Senator Richard Gordon, chairman and CEO of the PRC.

Part of PRC's core mission is to educate and empower the youth on leadership and how to take charge in first aid emergencies in school, in their home and in their communities. The Red Cross further urges people, especially parents and their young children, to engage in basic first aid trainings or educate themselves using available reliable materials and resources.

On the other hand, various PRC Chapters nationwide will also intensify their efforts in celebration of WFAD by promoting first aid education in their communities. Red Cross chapters will be conducting first aid trainings for children, lectures, and activities in different schools across the country.

Other chapters will also facilitate disaster preparedness and ambulance operation trainings for different local government units, as well as occupational and corporate first aid orientations in various companies in their localities.

Aside from first aid and emergency response courses, PRC also offers a more convenient way to get first aid information through the mobile application First Aid PH. It is a handy tool for people, especially children, who can easily adopt basic information on the app and use it in case of emergencies and disasters.

Once downloaded, First Aid PH can be used even without Internet and offers instant access to instructions on how to administer basic first aid. It also provides information on emergency preparedness and gives access to the Red Cross Hotline 143, which people can call for immediate assistance in times of emergencies.(PR

First Aid PH can be downloaded for free on the App Store for Apple users and Play Store for Android users. irst aid can save lives.

Source: Philippine Information Agency