Retired Catholic prelate backs ‘spiritual formation’ for cops

MANILA -- A retired Catholic prelate expressed support for measures allowing law enforcement forces to undergo extreme spiritual formation.

"I am in favor of giving the police intense spiritual formation on the divine commandments and respect for human right to life," former Lipa Archbishop Ramon Arguelles said in a text message sent to reporters on Monday.

He believes that engaging authorities in such activity would help them understand Church teachings particularly on the value of life.

"If they have an evil heart they will do evil no matter what you place in their body," the Catholic prelate said.

Arguelles noted that those who are in power should also look after the welfare of its citizens.

"The police and all government service people must work for the good of all, even the misguided," he said.

"Crime never solves crimes. Violence generates only more violence," the former Lipa prelate said.

Source: Philippine News Agency