RJ Ledesma joins Bloomberg TV Philippines

RJ Ledesma, businessman and best-selling author, joins Bloomberg TV Philippines (BloombergTVPh) as host of Bright Ideas, a talk show dedicated to inspiring and promoting innovative start-up businesses in the country.

Bambikes, Sari.Ph and HeyKuyaPh are some of those already featured on the aspirational show.

An innovator himself, RJ co-founded and organized the popular weekend market, Mercato Centrale and authored five best-selling books, two of which became finalists in the National Book Awards.

"A show that is close to my heart: Bright Ideas, a show that features startup companies - from tech to food to agriculture Very privileged to be part of the #BloombergTVPh family!" he shares on his social media page.

Bright Ideas airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on BloombergTVPh via Cignal TV channel 127 in High Definition (HD) and channel 8 (SD).

Ledesma joins BloombergTVPh's lineup of hosts, such as economist and law professor Tony Abad, moderator of the weekly discussion program Political Capital; Entrepreneur-philanthropist Quintin Pastrana, host of Thought Leaders, a show that features top decision makers and business icons the likes of Washington Sycip; and lawyer-journalist Rod Nepomuceno, who hosts the weekly marketing program The Insight.

BloombergTVPh also boasts its dynamic team of news program anchors: Regina Hing is an experienced international business journalist who functions both as the channel's senior executive producer and co-anchor of the hour-long morning newscast First Up. She hosts the show together with finance analyst JP Ong, corporate lawyer Jean De Castro and Quintin Pastrana. Quintin, besides his weekly talk show and morning newscast, is also seen on-air at noontime co-anchoring In the Loop alongside News5 alumna Shawn Yao. Yao also co-anchors the news bulletin "Top-5" with Erika Dizon. Dizon, on the other hand, is another new face seen on BloombergTVPh who is also tasked to write news for some of the channel's news segments. She is a certified SEC Philippines trader with global markets background in international institutions handling corporate clients.

BloombergTVPh holds true to its promise of providing inspirational content to a wide range of viewers by infusing a youthful influence through the addition of Ledesma to its lineup of hosts. "People should not be intimidated by BloombergTVPh, it should be a welcome assistance that gives our viewers an idea on how they can turn their business into a reality, or even bring these ideas to an international platform," said Emmanuel Lorenzana, president and CEO of MediaQuest Holdings, which runs Cignal TV.

"With BloombergTVPh, Filipino businessmen will have the access in the multi-platform business and financial news network which provides continuous coverage of the people, companies and ideas that move not only the local market but the global market as well," said Jane Basas, Cignal TV president.

Bloomberg TV Philippines (BloombergTVPh) is a Philippine-based satellite business news television channel of Cignal TV Inc. launched last October. It is the 11th Bloomberg channel in the world and the country's first 24/7 business news channel. BloombergTVPh is also distributed across the country via local cable affiliates.

Source: Trend