Robredo challenges Filipino people to protect hard-earned democracy

MANILA-- Vice President Leni Robredo on Monday challenged Filipino people, including different political groups, to help in maintaining hard-earned democracy.

In her speech during the celebration of 119th Independence Day at the University of the Philippines School of Economics, she said the public must not let political differences get in the way of protecting democratic institutions, which are eroding under these extraordinary times.

Defending democracy is our biggest fight today, she pointed out.

She called on the current situation extraordinary times that call for the public to stand united and not be divided by political differences to protect democracy.

These are extraordinary times. If you're not able to lay aside our differences and talk to one another, we will be fighting enemies within as well as without, Robredo told attendees

She said we need to help strengthen the country's democratic institutions to strive to be more inclusive to create a nation strong enough in these extraordinary times.

We must move swiftly an effectively to ensure they are strong enough for our children and our children's children, Robredo said.

Source: Philippines News Agency