Russian diplomat says new Cold War possible

MADRID-- A new Cold War is possible, Russian Ambassador to Spain Yuri Korchgin said at a colloquium arranged in Madrid by the New Economy Forum.

Korchagin pointed out that the Cold War had been based on ideological differences between the Soviet Union and the United States. "Today, there are no such ideological reasons," he stressed adding that at the same time, "some other features of the Cold War are there." In this regard, the Russian ambassador noted that a number of countries "are strengthening their military capabilities."

According to Korchagin, some "say that the Cold War cannot repeat itself." "But I think it can," he said. However, the Russian diplomat emphasized that "today, Russia is open to the world as never before" as it is building its "young democracy."

When asked to comment on relations between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart Donald Trump, Korchangin said that "I can only say that they haven't met in person yet, they only had a telephone conversation in the beginning of the year." The Russian ambassador went on saying that "in order to describe bilateral relations between the United States and Russia, it is possible to say that they are at level zero." However, Korchagin added that "relations (between countries) should be friendly and equal taking into consideration that each country has its own interests."

The diplomat also said that Brexit would be "a blow" for the European Union. "If someone leaves (a union) but no one can join it, it weakens the system," he stressed.

Korchagin noted that Russia stood for a "joint assessment" of the current problems and challenges through dialogue. "If we really join our efforts, then the days of the Islamic State (terror group outlawed in Russia) will be over," the Russian ambassador stressed.

Source: Philippines News Agency